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Aumento del mercato di caffè in Corea del Sud nel 2017

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Dalle ultime statistiche risulta che il consumo di caffè in Corea del Sud è decisamente aumentato: si pensi che sono state calcolate circa 512 tazze a persona durante tutto l’anno

British consumers: creatures of habit when choosing food service and coffee shops

Coffee shops: New discoveries from the largest market research company that analyzes consumer trends. In November 2017 in Great Britain it was shown that the reason for choosing a particular

UK: tax on coffee cups is coming soon

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Plastic is a plague on the planet and most of the coffee cups are plastic made. According to the UN Environment Program, every year 8 million tons plastic waste end

To prevent hypertension drink coffee: more than three cups have a protective effect

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MILAN – A research conducted by the University of Naples tells us that more than three cups of espresso coffee a day have a protective effect on cardiovascular health. The

Faced with climate change coffee needs bees

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Espresso is in danger: Global warming threatens up to 88% of Latin American plantations of coffee. Indeed, studies have shown that climate change is likely to affect agriculture: changes in

Cappuccino in 3D: foam sculpture by Kazuki Yamamoto

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If best baristas make small drawings with cappuccino foam, the 26 year old Japanese Kazuki Yamamoto has made this tradition an art. Known as “the cappuccino 3D artist”, he specialized

Drinking coffee can greatly reduce the risk of early death

An observational study conducted in the United States involving close to 20,000 individuals reveals that drinking coffee can considerably reduce risk of early Death. Those who consume at least 4

Cafès de Colombia Expo 20017: Colombia, the country with the greatest diversity of coffee flavors

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BOGOTA- Colombia “Colombia is not only the country with greatest diversity of coffee flavors, but the fastest-growing industry segment.” said the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) CEO, Roberto Vélez during

Tip for chronic kidney disease people: drinking coffee extend lifespan!

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Portoguese studies showed a relation between caffeine consumption and cause mortality: drinking coffee may prolong the lifespan of patiens with chronic kidney disease (CKD). People who had the highest intake

Coffee consumption in America: increased sales

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CHICAGO – Java, Joe’s juice, go juice, hojo and any other kind of coffee are now on hand for all consumers U.S. “Coffee chains are expanding units to meet consumer