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    Why De Roccis?

    Because at coffee De Roccis we offer:

    • Internationally oriented organization and service
    • Fast delivery, shipment tracking and certifications
    • Multilingual staff (English/French/ German/Spanish)
    • Customer service and post-sale assistance
    • Cooperation with the most reliable international freight forwarders
    • Presence in over 40 countries worldwide
    • 30 years of industry experience in the coffee market
    • Affiliation with the 2nd biggest group of Italian roasting companies
    • Ability to provide fresh coffee daily
    • Ability to produce large quantities to meet peak demand
    • Ability to develop high quality custom blends with excellent value for the money

    De Roccis: Your winning partner!

    In just a few words, we offer all that you have been looking for:

    Fast turnaround

    Compliance with the most stringent quality standards

    Best value for the money

    The state of the art production process at Coffee De Roccis makes it possible to create real espresso coffee, always fresh and 100% Made in Italy!

    After roasting, the precious blends are carefully packaged to fully preserve their original properties intact in time.
    Every 1-kg bag of coffee is provided with a one-way valve that is critical to the shelf life of our products.
    We are coffee supplier an we are committed to customize our offering to fully meet our clients’ needs: from home to office, café, HO.RE.CA. or VENDING.

    De Roccis is the finest Italian Espresso in the World.

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