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    Espresso is a very tasty drink and consumed by many. Apart from being famous also has beneficial effects on some diseases or more simply for a simple headache.

    Headache is a nuisance/disorder that affects both men and women without distinction. Causes: stress, anxiety, insomnia, problems to be addressed and so on. Often we abuse of drugs, to remedy the pain. Domestic solutions, however, are always the best; especially when the result is concrete.

    The drugs are no longer needed! It has been scientifically proven that the coffee associated with lemon is a healthy method against headaches.

    What causes headaches?

    Headache, per se, is produced by the formation of gas in the stomach. The pain comes mainly from a widening of blood vessels. The vasoconstrictor effect of caffeine immediately reverses this process and the lemon, containing citric acid, helps salificarla by increasing the absorption in the intestine. Guaranteed that, within a maximum of twenty minutes, the headache will at least relieved.

    Besides, drinking espresso and lemon improves concentration of oxygen molecules, thus reducing in short time the pains and discomfort caused by migraines.

    Of course, the good result of the remedy depends on the metabolism of people and the causes that produce the headache; on some subjects may work on other no. There are many diseases that are treated with the espresso like pakinson and diabetes. In both cases there have been studies that have approved these theories by making them true to consumers.

    You can read the news regarding the treatment of disease with coffee by clicking this link.

    We conclude by saying that hurtes: try this homemade medicine before taking drugs! Let us know if Grandma’s remedies were effective and you have made them happier.

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