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    The espresso coffee is taken by the Italians with the belief that it is a remedy against the blows of sleep and at the same time is not recommended for those suffering from insomnia. But is it really so? Let’s hear what science says.

    One of the fears behind which they entrench themselves skeptics, concerns the risk of insomnia. As is commonplace in fact, drinking coffee after a certain hour, would affect sleep disturbances. This however, is a theory that there is a lot to discuss.

    The ratio of espresso and insomnia has been debunked by science. A study commissioned by the Australian armed forces at Sleep Research Centre of the University of South Australia and at Monash University in Melbourne has focused on caffeine. Which is often used as ‘ bomb ‘ to not collapse from sleep after a wild night. This concoction would be able to keep awake the mind, allowing it to make fewer mistakes, but would instead effectiveness in combating drowsiness.

    Nothing better than to test the ability of a substance to the heart, or where its action should be fundamental to thwart a possible danger. And so Australian researchers decided to test the effects of caffeine in maintaining high vigilance and attention behind the wheel. It is indeed known that sleeping shots represent one of the major causes of traffic accidents, sometimes even deadly.

    The effect of espresso coffee was then tested on a sample composed of a group of military men, subjects often in action or driving on vehicles or machinery and for which cognitive fatigue in the performance of ‘ mission ‘ is crucial.

    They then subjected to an experiment ‘ nerve-wracking ‘. Forcing them to stay awake for 50 hours straight and then drive 15 different occasions a simulated vehicle, each time for 40 minutes.

    A part of the military, to correctly establish the relationship caffé-Vigil, were ‘ doped ‘ with caffeine, administered by a chewing gum. This is because the absorption of the substance in the brain occurs within about 10 minutes and lasts for about 40. While caffeine 30 and 90 minutes for liquid employs between cerebral destination with an effectiveness not quantifiable in terms of time. The second group of servicemen had instead received a mere placebo.

    He resorted to a stratagem, by wearing special glasses fitted with military sensors. Able to adjust the rate at which chattered eyes. Also, when driving was also recorded the ability to stay in the lane and speed changes.

    What were the results following administration of the substance? Nothing to say about security. Because the Group of chewers of caffeine while driving had shown a rate of error or of distraction behind the wheel considerably lower compared to colleagues. Nothing to do instead for insomnia. in fact all the military, which had been pumped with caffeine or not, eventually received the same drowsiness. The more increasing over time.

    The conclusions concerning the effect of espresso are clear. In fact the Australian study confirms that it is better to drink coffee if you want to rest well and quickly before the afternoon nap and not later as usual manner. In fact, caffeine inhibits the action of adenosine, a chemical that causes drowsiness. Thus enabling to awaken after 20 minute NAP refreshed it is energized.

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