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    Coffee consumption reduce risk of liver disease

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    A report from the Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee (ISIC),reveals that daily caffeine consumption could reduce risk of cancer and cirrhosis. 

    The meeting was held at the Royal Society of Medicine in London and attending delegates (including academics, doctors and representatives of national liver associations) discussed recent research into coffee consumption and liver health. Topic of the debate, chaired by Professor Graeme Alexander (University College London), focused on the best way to disclose the latest findings on subject.

    In Europe chronic liver disease is the fifth most common cause of death and approximately 29 million people suffer of it.

    Meta-analyses have suggested that coffee consumption is associated with up a 40% risk reduction of liver cancer and 25-70% cirrhosis.

    Another of the main issues discussed at the roundtable was the diagnosis of liver disease, often liver cancer develops from an existing liver disease but a majority of sufferers are unaware of their condition. Even though the liver is a vital organ, the perception in some European countries is that liver health is not considered as high a priority as other conditions, such as heart disease.

    Professor Graeme Alexander commented: “Liver diseas is a silent killer, as often there are no symptoms, untili it’s too late. Coffee is something that is easily accesible to everyone, regularly drinking and may make a difference in preventing and in some cases, slowling down the progression of liver disease. It’s an easy lifestyle choice to make.”

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