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    Is possible drink coffee? The answer is Yes! Our astronauts should not abandon the espresso even during an expedition in space.

    After 32 months on the International Space Station (ISS), 400 km away from the Earth, ended the quest “Coffee in space“. Principal agent of mission ISSpresso. The long journey starts on 13.4.2015 during the mission “Futura”: Samantha Cristoforetti was the first, during the last month aboard the ISS, who sipped coffee in space.

    Use in space ISSpresso machine, built by ARGOTEC, naturally capable of brewing, is actually more than just a coffee machine. Indeed, we can define a complex fluid physics experiment to understand how you get from the high pressure and high temperature liquids in weightlessness.

    Because the coffee space is it a pleasure, but also a scientific experiment, constituting the International Space Agency’s “life” mission, which saw Italian ESA astronaut Paolo committed Nadvi. In more than two years in space, ISSpresso has traveled more than 650 million kilometers at a speed of 28,000 km/h and has been featured in many moments of conviviality and pleasure in as many as 11 space mission.

    The coffee is then also the protagonist of expeditions into space, and the experiment ended with a great success.

    The value and innovation of Italian project ISSpresso were told by the average of more than 30 countries worldwide, with an echo on social media that reached even more people and presence in several prestigious events: “Impact. Innovate. Integrated “, the forum on innovation and digitization of mechanical industry of Chicago, the exhibition” Astronauts “at the Cité de l’Espace in Toulouse, the Expo 2017 Future Energy in Kazakhstan, on the set of” LIFE “, American film set in orbit on the international space station.

    Interest in the project grew so worldwide, so much so that the famous Victoria and Albert Museum in London has chosen to include a car model in the exhibition “The Future Starts Here“. Thus, since 12 October 2018, ISSpresso will be on display from more than 100 design objects that help shape the world of tomorrow.

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