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    Drinking coffee can greatly reduce the risk of early death

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    An observational study conducted in the United States involving close to 20,000 individuals reveals that drinking coffee can considerably reduce risk of early Death.

    Those who consume at least 4 cups of coffee daily have a 64% lower risk than compared to those never consume coffee. The chances are smaller once people reached the age of 45, suggesting that it may be even more beneficial to consume coffee as we get older.

    Other studies have also been shown that coffee drinkers seem to live longer: it reduce the risk of many diseases (including those of the liver, diabetes, skin cancer and Alzheimer’s).

    According to Joe DeRupo, spokesperson for the National Coffee Association: “Coffee is loaded with antioxidants, many are naturally found in coffee beans, while others are created during the roasting process.”

    Therefore, while coffee consumption may appear to be healthful for many, others should proceed with caution. Those with heart problems, suffering from irregular heartbeat and hypertension should limit their intake: caffeine is an aggravating and accelerator of the beat.

    Even decaffeinated in small quantities contains caffeine.

    As for the effects of coffee on bone health, caffeine can lead to calcium loss. Although it is probably not worth worrying too much.

    As stated by Connie Weaver, professor of Nutritional Sciences at Purdue University: “Caffeine does increase urinary calcium loss, but it’s balanced by increased calcium absorption. So there seems to be no adverse effects on the calcium economy.

    Even pregnant women, who are suggested have moderate amounts of 200 mg a day, should be cautious with consumption.

    Small tips to sip coffee in a healthier way:


    1. Add low-fat milk: it has fewer calories and helps offset losses of calcium (one tablespoon has 6 calories and 19 mg of calcium);


    1. Avoid sugar in coffee: a teaspoon of sugar contains 16 calories. It may not sound like much, the calories add up from day to day;


    1. While drinking coffee choose a filtered coffee: unfiltered coffee preserves compounds that help increase cholesterol levels;


    1. If you have difficulty falling asleep, avoid caffeine in the evening or near bedtime.




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