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    Can reduce road accidents? The latest statistics say of you, drinking ground coffee before driving.

    According to the ISTAT in 2016 have occurred in Italy 175,791 road accidents resulting in death or injury that resulted in 3,283 victims (deaths by day 30) and 249,175 wounded. After two years of stagnation the death toll back to shrink compared to 2015.

    Among the most frequent misconduct include the distracted driving, failure to comply with the above and the speed is too high (overall the 41.5% of cases). Violations of the highway code more sanctioned are, in fact, speeding, failure to use safety devices and the use of mobile phone while driving.

    There are studies that make us realize how caffeine can increase the concentrationCoffee is the perfect drink to drink before driving their car.

    The ground coffee can help you stay awake driving and therefore decrease accidents. Most motorists concentrates are a positive aspect of the road network. We see the search results.

    According to a study conducted in New South Wales and Western Australia, as reported in the British Medical Journey, “caffeine is able to protect against the risk significantly crash for long distance trucks.”

    Between 2008 and 2011 researchers, comparing 530 truck drivers who had had an accident in the last year, they found that caffeine intake reduces the likelihood of accidents.

    The 43% of drivers said to consume drinks containing caffeine to stay awake, which would decrease of 63% the risk of accidents in comparison to others.

    However, the benefit of caffeine is momentary and is recommended to consume this substance with caution and not make it a substitute for sleep.

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