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    Ground Coffee can be part of breakfast? Makes this meal more healthy? The beverage is introduced in all breakfasts in the world?

    We start from our breakfast. In Italy the breakfast is a very important meal to start the day. A healthy and balanced breakfast makes your day better and definitely is good for your physical and mental health.

    The first morning meal should satisfy the 25% of daily calorie target and therefore contain most of the nutrients needed by the body including fat, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, dietary fibre, minerals.

    Italian breakfast consists of milk and cookies, yogurt and cereal, bread and jam; and to finish a drink like coffee, barley and tea. This is the breakfast of the famous Mediterranean diet.

    Have a look to typical and popular traditions at breakfast in ten different cultures of the world. The ground coffee will be present at these breakfasts?

    • ENGLISH BREAKFAST: eggs, cheese, bacon, bacon, fried tomato, sausage, blood sausage and mushrooms. The English breakfast is characterized by a high proportion of protein.
    • FRENCH BREAKFAST: croissants, pain chocolat, muffins, raisin bread; accompanied by a fruit juice or coffee. Light, tasty and balanced, the French breakfast is very similar to the Italian.
    • ISRAELI BREAKFAST: one of the most abundant, the Israeli breakfast is full of special foods including Rugelach, Jewish cake stuffed with nuts, chocolate or jam; the Shakshuka, poached eggs cooked in tomato sauce and spicy peppers and Challah, the braided bread traditional Jewish.
    • CANADIAN BREAKFAST: maple syrup, breakfast emblem of this country, is used to fill the great pancakes which constitute the first meal of the day of most Canadians.
    • SOUTH KOREAN BREAKFAST: stew of meat, fish or vegetables in hot and spicy broth, made from local spices and condiments. All served on a hot plate.
    • SPANISH BREAKFAST: bread, olive oil, garlic, salt and tomato; Spanish breakfast is the index of genuineness.
    • THAI BREAKFAST: salty and tasty Thai breakfast is made with rice with meat or fish.
    • TURKISH BREAKFAST: cheese, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, sausage and the typical local bread Ekmek; These are the basic ingredients of a good Turkish breakfast, accompanied by a cup of tea.
    • AUSTRALIAN BREAKFAST: a cream yeast extract from the sour taste: the Australian Vegemite is a typical product from which we cannot be exempt from sampling
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