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    Coffee consumption in America: increased sales

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    CHICAGO – Java, Joe’s juice, go juice, hojo and any other kind of coffee are now on hand for all consumers U.S.

    “Coffee chains are expanding units to meet consumer demand because they have the resources to do so,” said Greg Starzynsky, Product Management Manager for NPD Foodservice.

    In addition to coffee served at restaurant and bars there are 33,129 coffee shops selling it, 2% more than last year, NPD Groups report.

    Chain coffee shop units incresead by 5.9% for a total of 18,445 units; it was the opposite story to independent stores, which dropped to 2.2 % for a total of 14,684 units. Greater consumer access to chain coffee shops makes it more difficult for independet coffee shops to compete, which is why we’re seeing a drop in indipendent units.

    Total coffee shops grew by 2,990 units over the past five years. The Juneau metro area, the capital of Alaska, ranks the highest number of coffee shops (22), followed by Anchorage (170), Bend; Oregon, Seattle and Portland.

    Coffee choice in America has varied so much in Italy as traditional espresso coffee always remains the most popular.



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