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    To prevent hypertension drink coffee: more than three cups have a protective effect

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    MILAN – A research conducted by the University of Naples tells us that more than three cups of espresso coffee a day have a protective effect on cardiovascular health.

    The study, conducted on approximately 200 thousand people in periods of time between 3 and 33 years, brings out a positive relationship between coffee intake and prevention of hypertension.

    Researchers hypothesize that caffeine will only increase short-term pressure, at least in subjects suffering from hypertension. It also exerts a diuretic and natriuretic effect, so it facilitates the elimination of sodium with the urine.

    In addition to contributing to the beneficial effects of espresso coffee, both the soluble fibers present combined with potassium and magnesium maintain the pressure balance; both trigonelline modulates sugars metabolism in positive, helping the reduction fat cells number.

    However, the protective effect assumes statistical significance starting from three cups of espresso coffee a day, not less.

    It is therefore impossible to establish a certain cause-effect correlation, but it can be argued that the habitual consumption of coffee has a favorable effect on cardiovascular health, mostly for pressure.

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