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    British consumers: creatures of habit when choosing food service and coffee shops

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    Coffee shops: New discoveries from the largest market research company that analyzes consumer trends.

    In November 2017 in Great Britain it was shown that the reason for choosing a particular foodesrvice like coffee shops was because of habits: over 2.8 billion places chosen for lunches / dinners per year can be described as “habitual”.

    Motivations of choosing particular foodservice are:

    • comfort of the place (37%);
    • low prices (24%);
    • habit: reason with the fastest growth, increased by + 10.6% (over 263 million) in few years.

    Cyril Lavenant, Foodservice Director UK at the NPD Group sayd:

    “We are all spoilt for choice when it comes to eating out, thanks to innovative foodservice chains opening all the time. The conventional wisdom is that with so many options we are promiscuous consumers, choosing one brand and then another – always experimenting and never settling for a ‘favourite’. But our latest data shows that’s not the case.”

    Customers are happy to go to the “usual place” because it takes into account above all:

    • affordable prices;
    • favorable treatment;
    • family environment.

    People are particularly willing to be creatures of habit when choosing coffee shops a foodservice industry segment where Britain’s consumers spend £2.4 a year.

    In coffee shops, a much higher proportion of one in three consumers (32%) choose an operator because they regularly go there.

    Loyalty programs play a very important role in this: data from the NPD group show that coffee shops record three times more visits than independents one.

    But technology is changing things: app stop fidelity behavior.

    The research carried out by the NPD group has shown that the growth of the use of digital tools in the catering sector, by simplifying aspects such as booking and waiting lists, penalizes fidelity on the other.

    The use of apps interrupts consumer habits by offering:

    • practicality;
    • coupons;
    • promotions;
    • free products.

    The growth of these customers rapidly and will reach 28% by 2019. The value of this business is close to 13 billion pounds, or almost a quarter of the sales value of the entire British foodservice Sector.

    It is better to exploit it to the fullest!


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