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    To get a good espresso coffee not only you have to be careful during the purchase. Important relevance even preserve the product.

    We have already talked about the secrets to obtain a perfect espresso coffee and how math is coming in handy to study and apply the right formula in order to produce a good espresso. Today we will be looking instead of keeping raw surely a critical factor for success.

    Let’s start with the basics. When we buy coffee and we open the box it gives off an intense aroma. This feature would be kept intact from coffee lovers. But prevent the dispersion of this fragrance is definitely not simple. The first trick to being able to drink an espresso coffee always fresh is to buy small packs avoiding family sizes. Doses below 250 gr are open less time maintaining the fragrance longer.

    First of all we can say for sure that the bean keeps longer its original features. The type of machining is costly on the ability to maintain the organoleptic characteristics. The minced mixture is more prone to oxidation by staying much longer in the open air. The grains so in addition to better withstand the deterioration ensures maximum aroma fragrance. Feel like you’re in a coffee shop on Sunday morning.

    Always during the purchase it is important to choose the coffee purchased in vacuum packs or in tins. Both packaging are safe and perfect for keeping intact the fragrance.

    But then what are the agents that damage the espresso coffee flavor and taste to change? Here they are in order of importance.

    • Air
    • Moisture
    • Heat
    • Light

    That’s why the package is always reported the Council to put this product in a cool, dry place. Commercial packaging, moreover, is never transparent, to defend the coffee from the light. The negative action of these factors, while still being easy to understand, is to be regarded well by those who must store coffee daily. Even with optimal management, in fact, the product is subject to weathering, because especially air and moisture they sneak into containers each time they are opened. The heat could be a problem in summer.

    Things to know!

    As you open a packet of coffee, in 2 days, inevitably, you lose half of the aromas. If the coffee is ground, in contact with the environment, are lost in just 2 hours. Since it is prepared just 2 minutes.


    Add orange peel or corks inside coffee preserves its moisture, as claimed by the classic Grandma’s remedy but, rather, could ruin the flavor.

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