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    HO.RE.CA. - 酒店、餐饮、咖啡馆

    直接从原产国精挑细选后进口的最佳咖啡豆,结合先进的烘焙工艺,让DE ROCCIS咖啡成为享誉全球的产品,并且也将获得您的喜爱!


    您从事食品的进口或分销?您想通过新产品来扩展供应范围,进而增加业务量吗?如果您正在寻找具有极佳性价比的产品,DE ROCCIS即是您理想的合作伙伴。


    如果您想使用自己的品牌开发产品,或想要依靠业内具有丰富经验和传统的合作伙伴,那么近年来成功创建了100多个自有品牌的DE ROCCIS即是您的最佳选择。


    De Roccis品牌:谱写一段意大利故事。De Roccis是一家现代且充满活力的公司,对结合并一如既往地保持纯正Espresso意式浓缩咖啡的传统有着独到的见解。优质的咖啡具有独特的风味,杯中蕴藏着古老的学问以及对品质的不断追寻。

    大自然“馈赠”的每一种产品均拥有自己的“律动”,De Roccis咖啡亦是如此。咖啡生产是一项复杂的工程:需要在生产的各个阶段保持谨慎、专注和专业的态度,才能将来自全世界的最佳咖啡豆组合在一起,并打造出具有独家特质的混合产品。

    (chinonmuore1, Twitter)
    In the Beginning God created coffee. Without it, He wouldn’t have had the energy to create anything else.
    (Giuseppe Verdi)
    Espresso is the balm of the heart and soul
    I do not have a problem with caffeine. I have a problem without caffeine!
    (pupitto, Twitter)
    A keeper is someone who does not address you until 10:00 a.m. IF NOT to offer you coffee!
    (istintomaximo, Twitter)
    If they can make you smile when you wake up, they are either special people or coffee.
    (Eduardo De Filippo)
    When I die, bring me an espresso and I will resurrect just like Lazarus.
    (Jean Paul)
    Apart from philosophy, I do not know of any better brain propellant than chess and coffee.
    (Philippe Geluck)
    Drinking it prevents one from sleeping. By contrast, sleeping is the only way to prevent someone from drinking coffee.
    A yawn is a silent scream for coffee.
    (Rian Aditia)
    There's nothing sweeter than a cup of black coffee.
    (Erri De Luca)
    Coffee on a burner is enough to fill a whole room.
    Everyone must believe in something. I believe that I will get more coffee
    (Jordi Doce)
    What a woman! When she sips her espresso, she looks like she is biting the fruit of the tree of Good and Evil.
    It sounds simple, but it is the hardest thing in the world. Espresso is a microcosm, a Divine Comedy to be read in 30 seconds, a sensory kaleidoscope.
    (Abd el Kader, XVI century)
    One shall not only prepare it with art, but one shall also drink it with art.
    Life is just like coffee: you can put all the sugar you want in it, but if you do not mix it with a spoon, it will not get sweet. Nothing happens if you just stay still.
    (Barbara A. Daniels)
    Life is a beautiful and endless journey in search of the perfect cup of coffee.
    (David Letterman)
    If it was not for coffee, I would not have personality
    (Alphonse Allais)
    Everything shall pass in this world, except from coffee through bad filters




    DE ROCCIS独家混合咖啡源自单一来源的咖啡豆与不同比例阿拉比卡和罗布斯塔咖啡豆的完美组合,既确保了芳香的气息和充盈的口味,又保留了醇厚饱满的口感。


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