Cappuccino in 3D: foam sculpture by Kazuki Yamamoto

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If best baristas make small drawings with cappuccino foam, the 26 year old Japanese Kazuki Yamamoto has made this tradition an art.

Known as “the cappuccino 3D artist”, he specialized in froth milk carving art of the most popular beverage for breakfasts all over the world.

Kazuki, who works in the Cafe 10 g bar in Osaka and would like to open one of his own specialized in cappuccinos, chosen by the customer, thanks to sticks and straws creates reality or fantasy chacappuccinoacters in cups.

His three-dimensional milk and coffee paintings can be seen on his Twitter account.

From Snoopy to Obama, from kittens to paintings reproduction, these goodies must be immediately immortalized: they can be dismantled and cooled down in few minutes.

Even if the art of cappuccino is not new, no one had even tried to get it out of the cup.