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    There are different opinions on the assumption of ground coffee: those who argue positives and who otherwise oppose. Let’s clarify some points.

    Not only consumers but also scientists claim positive and negative thesis regarding the consumption of ground coffee. Scientists from around the world are questioning whether or not to recommend coffee as a drink daily.

    After much research there are opinions who consider coffee as a drink to prevent diseases like diabetes. Conversely, in other cases it considers coffee a product harmful to the circulatory system and it is therefore advisable to delete it completely from the diet. In the end who would be right on the issue?

    We analyze and then the pros and cons of taking this substance which has now become part of everyday life of the Italians.

    First, we can say that at least once in their lives they all tried the coffee and have enjoyed the energizing effects produced by caffeine. Consumers have come to the conclusion that coffee has a strong impact in everyday life by becoming a staple of everyday life.

    From the chemical point of view caffeine is an alkaloid found naturally in some plants. The effects of ground coffee are manifold and are also subject to number studies in many parts of the world that, as already mentioned have differing effects.

    We see what are some of the positive effects of ground coffee analyzed by scientists:

    • Increased attention
    • Increased arousal
    • Increased speed in developing new thoughts
    • Increased concentration
    • Attenuation of tiredness

    However, it should be specified that caffeine has effects on the mental state of the subjects. This does not mean that this substance might also produce positive effects on physical activities, for example to study conducted for the prevention and treatment of Parkinson’s.

    So there are the negative effects of coffee? These effects showing when the doses taken are high. The intake of coffee too frequently can cause:

    • anxiety
    • agitation
    • insomnia
    • tremor
    • acute nervousness

    There are no major differences between the grind of moka and the contents of the capsules for the vending machine. In fact, the drink is usually taken in the morning to deliver the load required to face the day and at the end of a meal to digest better.

    In conclusion we can say that coffee intake does not cause major damage to our body when taken in proper doses and without abusing it. This product can indeed improve the day, think of the coffee break, a relaxing moment to share with people. An opportunity to exchange views and at the same time give the charge just for the day.

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