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    The coffee is the drink most loved by Italians and is a fundamental part of their diet. It is so much that has become part of the food became an essential element.

    You won’t believe it but add the coffee as the main ingredient to your recipes will have the effect of enhancing the flavors of whatever you’re cooking without transferring his typical flavor to foods. For this reason coffee is used primarily to build the aroma of roasting dish offering hints and helping to naturally flavor the food. During cooking, also losing much of its stimulant properties, it can also be used by those with caffeine doesn’t go too well.

    The real question is: “better beans or Cup?”. The GROUND GRAIN CAN BE USED, SPARINGLY, AS a SPICE or FLAVOR BREADING actually, the answer is simple and should be adapted case by case depending on the ingredients that you want to cook. Let me start by saying the strong aroma of coffee should always be used with equally strong flavored foods so as not to cover them or turn them off.

    If you want to use the ground grain you can experience them as sort of spice in the Breading or in Marinades and generally in all those recipes that require a fairly long cooking: indeed, although beans ground very finely may leave a annoying Sandy at the end of the tasting note.

    However, we can assert that the use of coffee in the kitchen is the trend of 2018. How to pair it depending on the dish you want to prepare.

    The great chefs are using more and more coffee to give “that little bit extra” to their dishes. But a housewife with a passion for cooking as it does to add this ingredient without “fouling” the dish and make it so little appreciated by guests? Here are some tips to match the best coffee to dishes unique and inimitable.

    Let’s start with the antipasto, which coffee to choose? The ideal would be a light roasted coffee with citrus notes and a soft body, prepared with a choice of filter method:

    • Chemex (when coffee passes from one section to another through paper filters);
    • hario V60 (single cup coffee filter preparation);
    • French press (cylindrical jug with a plunger pressing on hot water and coffee powder)

    We shall now proceed to the first. This is the most important for consumers who can choose between:

    • If it is vegetarian or fish, combine brewed coffee with a light roast arabica coffee and a sweet, floral and fruity notes;
    • If it is meat, accompany it with a blend of arabica from the sour taste/aroma and bitter chocolate, toast and fruit seed.

    During the meal we arrive at the second. This is perhaps one of the simplest bases to which add coffee to give it an extra note flavors that will certainly be appreciated by the guests. Meat serve an espresso with great body, bitter and aromatic notes of spice and a hint of cocoa leaf pipe tobacco. And finally the dessert it takes a mixture of arabica coffees that can give good body and sweet aromas like biscuit, milk chocolate, vanilla and caramel.

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