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    Definitely very difficult to equate the espresso served at the bar but here are some tips to prepare an espresso coffee very good even at home.

    We have now established that the espresso coffee does not cause damage to the body when consumed in the right amount and now been tested to treat certain diseases such as Parkinson’s. The Italians can then drink this drink quietly at home, the bar and the restaurant taste that it mainly in the Secretariat. There are many factors that determine the success or otherwise of a café, among them:

    • Grinding;
    • Cleaning, descaling and filter replacement;
    • Pressing.

    But, as mentioned, it is difficult to make an espresso at the height if you drink at home. So how to improve this situation to try to drink a coffee at the bar? The event “food art” organized by the Corriere della Sera in Naples, was an excellent opportunity to discover the culture of coffee in different Italian region and the tricks to make it easier on waking in the morning.

    Whether it’s freshly made espresso coffee bar or at home definitely the three basic elements to be respected are: grinding, cleaning the filters and pressing are the most important.

    But how does a housewife to serve an espresso in a workmanlike guests without having to make large expenditures? So far we have talked about tips in General, we see in detail what the specific ones to follow to make great coffee at home:

    • Choose carefully the right mix: Arabica coffee if you want to opt for a more delicate, aromatic and fragrant; a mixture with high percentages of Stout if you prefer bolder flavors and full-bodied;
    • Preheating the coffee machine: a good habit that few implement when the machine is switched on, is to dispense a cup of boiling water, so as to eliminate any residue and insert the capsule only at a later stage;
    • Correct dose of coffee: since there are the pods, which contain the precise amount of fuel needed for a balanced coffee, the problem does not arise anymore;
    • Delivery: of course some people do preferiscepiù long and narrow, but the amount would be about 25 ml;
    • Use chlorine free water: chlorine prevents the formation of cream and fosters the development of a few unpleasant scents. Ideally, you should use bottled water;
    • Store coffee in a cool, dry place, so store better aromas of roasting coffee;
    • Use the lowest setting and smaller cooker: turn down the heat to low it is necessary for the coffee doesn’t get too strong and bait slowly;
    • Stir the Moka once escaped all the coffee, so aromas and flavors of the mixture choice respect;
    • Add a teaspoon of sugar: how to catalyze all the aromas; It is useful to use it in mixtures in which there is a high amount of robusta tends to be bitter and less rich in perfumes
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