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    We know that coffee has health problems but to some palates may not be appreciated for this we also take care of orzo coffee.

    Vivid color and taste less incisive, the orzo is a valid alternative to the traditional coffee: the absence of caffeine is very interesting for those who cannot or will not consume it as pregnant women, children, people with heart ailments, etc.

    Orzo is divided into:

    • Soluble orzo: commonly used as coffee substitute, dusty thanks to a special roasting;
    • Pearl orzo: short version little Corn gluten and easily digestible.

    Although it can also be diluted directly into boiling water, the best method of preparation is in the coffee pot for orzo, able to enhance the taste and form a cream on the surface which makes it very similar to coffee. We discover together what are the properties and benefits of orzo.

    Orzo is a natural product, low calorie, ipolipidio and ipoproteico. This lightness is compensated by the presence of:

    • Minerals, including potassium and phosphorus, which replenish fluids;
    • Vitamin B3: essential for the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, acts as a stand for the blood circulation and improves the health of the skin;
    • Beta-glucan: essential to slow the absorption of carbohydrates;
    • Fibers: ideal for those suffering from intestinal disorders as easily digested.

    Positive repercussions on barley coffee has:

    • The nervous system: brain and intellectual activity helps by giving the right energy;
    • Intestinal system: being rich in fiber is recommended for those who suffer from these areas because it stimulates intestinal motility, relaxing the walls, prevents infections of the mucous membrane and is easily digestible.
    • The oral cavity: the anti-inflammatory properties make it specially suitable to all persons debilitated or immunocompromised;
    • The liver: barley has the power to inhibit the synthesis of cholesterol, normalising the concentrations.

    As the regular orzo coffee should not be consumed in abundance otherwise it may cause damage to health. Another alternative to caffeine is coffee ginseng discover the advantages.

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